Professional Services

Strategic Planning & Alignment

Highly aligned organizations increase revenue faster and are up to 72% more profitable than organizations that are not well aligned.

If you asked your employees what your organization’s business strategy is, could they answer you?  When employees have a clear understanding of your strategy, they can align their departmental and individual performance goals and strategies to support and achieve the organization’s.  This helps create strategic alignment and contributes to employee engagement.  It’s a simple concept that can be challenging to implement.

Our Purposeful Leadership Framework takes you through the 3 pillars of creating strategic alignment that fosters employee engagement.

Leadership Development

Purposeful development of the essential skills that help employees develop into effective leaders is the missing puzzle piece in many organizations. A meticulously crafted strategic plan can languish without effective leaders to facilitate success.

Often people are promoted into leadership because they managed and performed their work well and are never provided any education or support to develop the essential skill set that will help them effectively lead and develop the people that now report to them.

The cost of poor leadership can show up as lowered productivity, turnover, disengagement and toxic culture. It is estimated to cost US companies approximately $550 billion annually.

Effective leadership is a generational gift so the investment to develop effective leaders can have a long-term, return on investment.  We help you create a culture of effective leadership at your company so you can begin to reap those far-reaching benefits.

Employee Performance, Engagement & Retention

Evaluating employee performance can be a dreaded event OR a valuable employee retention tool that fosters employee development, success and engagement. How leaders guide employee performance is a key element in creating all the best characteristics for a successful team.

When done well, it can foster trust, collaboration and help keep employees connected to the organizational purpose.  Comprehensive  performance management allows employees to develop their career path and see their future with your organization.

The return on investment that effective management of employee performance and development can have on employee retention alone is significant, when you consider that the cost to replace an employee is between 50% to 300% of their salary.

The reason many companies are not successful with their efforts to create employee engagement is they often address issues in isolation and ignore building the foundation that allows employee engagement to happen.

HR Consulting & Business Coaching

Sometimes all we need as a leader is a little extra information, guidance or expertise. Aspire to Align can help you with 1:1 consultation or coaching on the following topics:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic Planning and Alignment
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Employee Development & Retention
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Mentorship Programming


Working with LindaAnn as a business coaching mentor has been immensely valuable for my business. Her extensive body of knowledge, combined with an impressive amount of experience in various sectors, her human-sensitive approach, and her passion, has given me the encouragement, confidence, tools and the understanding of how I can best serve other businesses. I have completed other business coaching courses before and none of them was as clear and all-encompassing as the information provided by LindaAnn.
So if you are a coach or consultant and have the opportunity to work with LindaAnn to improve your business coaching services, I wouldn’t spend even one second thinking about it, she is your person!

Helena CarrisozaIntuitive Business & Life Coach