LindaAnn Rogers SPHR, sHRBP, CBC

A Little About Me


Over 25 years of cross-disciplinary experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and multiple certifications in Business Coaching, Business Strategy and Human Resources, provides me with the skills and perspective to help clients critically evaluate their organization and make the adjustments necessary to develop an organized, focused approach to creating a solid framework for the current evolution of the workplace.

My passion lies with helping leaders transform the way people, throughout their organization, experience work. The process helps leaders transcend the integration of technology and create a work environment that fosters both organizational and individual success by aligning the whole organization with clarity of purpose that results in engaged employees, increased productivity and profitability.

About Aspire to Align


Our purpose is to help CEO’s and business leaders to create strategically aligned organizations with engaged employees and change the way people experience work.

Why is it important to achieve this?

The value this brings to the organization is:

  • Engaged employees are 20% more profitable, perform better and have less turnover
  • Minimized competing goals and agendas
  • Improved and easier decision-making processes
  • Streamlined and more meaningful communication
  • Facilitation of employee “buy-in”

The process of running a company these days has many challenges. There are teams creating silos, poor communication and mixed messages. All the pieces aren’t pulling in the same direction. The concept of strategic organizational alignment is simple, not easy. Implementation takes commitment and the result of having an engaged workforce is rewarding for the company on both the human and financial levels.